Thursday, October 20, 2011

Death of a Dictator- Victory for Libyans/ Victory of West

Today, Libyans are freed from a four long decade of dictatorship of Muammar al -Gaddafi. Year long battle between Gaddafi supporters and rioters along with help of NATO forces (mostly from powerful Western World) came to an end today.
Are Libyans really frustrated by Gaddafi rule, partially may be correct, or it is just another Iraq war fought to have control on Libya oil reserve, which is some what 42 billion barrels, the 9 th largest oil reserve in the world, and the largest reserve in African region.

Libyan people did suffer from atrocities suffered from Gaddafi and his supporter hands, so the death of Gaddafi might brought some reliefs to Libyan people, but will death bring stability in the region and economic prowess to libyans or the natural resources are exploited by west.

The only difference between Libya unrest and Iraq war is , that one is fought by internals with support from outsiders, and other was fought under the banner of War on Terrorism, but both war may have a single motive, getting hold of oil reserves.

Lets wait and see, who will benefit with the Death of Dictator.. Mr Muammar al -Gaddafi


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Greed is Good!!!

Just watch a movie, Wall Street 2, in the movie the protagonist, Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas. In the movie, to promote his book, Greed is Good, Mr. Gekko mentioned why Greed is good and invincible now.

He said, with each passing day, we are getting greedy and greedy.Now, people want more, which means more money, more car, second house, better education for the children and may be in some case more children also :-).

His point of view is totally correct, just to understand it better and also in the context of emerging markets, esp. India. Today, India is 5th largest economic house in the world, if we go my economist predictions, if it follow annual growth patterns of 10-11% p.a., in 20 years, India will be 3rd largest economy in the world.

But with the great growth patterns, one thing which will be certainly haunting people, esp. poor people(one third of India population live below poverty line) is the high level of inflation. Currently, India's food inflation is hovering around 18%. In a recent cabinet meeting to curb price rice, conducted by India's honorable prime minister, Mr. Manmohan singh, during that meeting one thing came out , the change of eating patterns of Indians. But its not only about the eating patterns, its the whole pattern, they are buying high luxury cars, they are buying houses, I mean multiple houses, and off course bringing up more children. This is where the greed comes and with every changing patterns is getting invincible. These greed may be good for some people, but if you consider lives of other people or environment, its getting worse day by day.
So, lets see how can we make this invincible.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 'A' mericanization Effect !!

Last week, I was just taking a stroll at Bahnofstrasse,Zurich. I was literally shocked at looking sooo many people at the street, literally all shops were jam packed by customers, and I can bet that those were real customers and not the window shopping customer like me.

But for some time, I was just thinking why there were so many people, it not sale season and even the Christmas is couple of months, so why people are so crazy in doing shopping.
After scratching my head for couple of minutes, I saw couple of people dressed like ghosts and vampires, and I got my answer, it was a Halloween weekend.

The Halloween is certainly not the European culture and I am 100% sure its certainly not the Swiss culture, so certainly its The 'A'mericanization effect. Every store were with American products, from electronic, fragrances and forgot to mention the Halloween products.

Swiss is known for their secrecy , not Banking in general, but by nature they are quite reserve. But somehow the 'A'mericanization effect invade their secrecy and overcome their reserve nature. But the 'A'meticanization effect is every where, every where people just want to stuck the ipod's in their ear and just want to indulge into the 'A' effect without giving a thought.

I know some of the products or services offered by American businesses are world class, but that effect should be reserve till market place and between trade links. People should not blindly start following the customs and traditions which are not their own, and which only have a economic sense rather than some socio or religious sense.

Lets see how far this 'A'mericanization effect will last.

Thanks & Regards,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is Business Ethics really important for Organization ?

World Class management schools often have Business Ethics subjects in their curriculum. They often ask their students, the probable future Business leaders, to focus on more on Business relations and ethics.

In short Business Ethics, is as Be true to your clients, maintain their privacy at any cost.
But does companies really follow these basic rules when they really do business with their clients ? From real end scenario, companies often look at their balance sheets profitability rather than business ethics.

Business leaders often give false statements to clients to make them happy, they often make their employees to do task for which they are not entitled for. Often clients information is shared with ad agency and online web agency like in case of Open graph initiative by facebook, a well known Social networking site. They are building their group like anything, but due to monetization their are keeping their business ethics at bay and sharing client information with other members of the online web. Though, in short FB may able to raise its profit books , but in the long run it may lose some edge with its customers.

Ideally, Companies should focus their business on Business Ethics, because that can only help them to sustain in the long run in the business.

Thanks & Regards,
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Reliance BIG

BIG Cinema, is one of the flagship company of ADAG, group run my none other than Anil Dhirubhai Ambani. After, the split or Reliance empire, Anil Ambani took over the charge of Reliance Telecommunications. After the charge, Anil Ambani envisioned entertainment as one of the big fortune runner for the group. In order to make his vision real, in 2006, it took a 66% stake in Adlabs films, not only that, to just like his father, he visioned big, he tied with big wigs of Hollywood and Bollywood.

From my opinion, he really tried to own the world's entertainment system, and later on, will try to integrate his telecom business with his entertainment business. Because, certainly in future, it will not the voice which will rule telecom, but the the value added services like entertainment etc. will rule it. Certainly, Reliance BIG cinema, in coming years will really be very BIG.

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Greece Meltdown

Greece,famous for its ancient and rich historical events, is a country in the southeastern Europe.
In recent time, the rise in Greece budget deficit, has raised the doubts among the mind of European Union policymakers, and made the very existence of Euro, a common currency, used by 16 countries of European Union.

Greece national debt is around 300 billion euros, which is much bigger the country's economy. In order, to help Greece and to revive its economy, the EU bigwigs along with International Monetary Fund(IMF), agreed to bailout Greece from this financial and economic crisis. But before providing the helping hand to Greece, they want Greece to reduce its budget deficit to 3 percent of its GDP, which is one of the perquisite to become a member of EU.

Inspite, of facing stiff agitation from its inhabitants, Greece has already tried to bring in some measures to curb its budget deficit. Cut in public employees salaries, raise the taxes on cigarettes and fuel are some of the measures which Greek government is placing into to reduce its budget deficit.

Instead, of just taking measures which are somewhat against the public, Greek government should also try to find out ways about how and where it can generate enough revenue for its people. Tourism is one of the main industry of Greece, but unfortunately, its not the one place which come into tourists mind, Greece, should try to evolve this industry, and try to make make it a front runner, if its come to revenue from tourism. I know, its not that easy to compete against some of the best known nations, but the time of being remain average is over, Greece certainly has to take some drastic measures, in order to cut its budget deficit.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is IPL Only Cricket ?

Indian Premier League, famously known as IPL, is now ever days a BIG DADDY of International Cricket Sports Arena. IPL, just into its 3 year of existence it's a billion dollar sports event.
Developed on the lines of Europe Football league, this subcontinent sports extravaganza has taken everybody by surprise, major investors across the globe are vying their hands to get the grip of IPL.

But where such a money is involved, it controversy cannot be left apart. After, two successful year, the third year of IPL was much more bigger. More money, more team incumbent and more important lines of controversies.

The third IPL year displayed the dark section of the sports league, it showed its not only about sports , players, cheerleaders, or simply entertainment, as marketed by IPL bigwigs BCCI and its Commissioner, Lalit Modi., but its only about money, BIG MONEY. Games are manipulated, TV rights are sold at premium rates, Bookies are involved. The third year took one politician down, multiple tax raids, considering axing IPL commissioner. So, certainly this is not an ordinary Cricket tournament,meant for entertainment, but its a big nexus between, politicians, businessmen, and somewhere underworld also.

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