Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stock Analysis-- Suzlon Energy

About Suzlon Energy :
Suzlon Energy is a fully integerated international wind power company founded by Tulsi Tanti, a textile enterpreneur from Gujarat. Currently, Suzlon is the world's fifth largest wind turbine suppliers.

Suzlon is not only in wind power generations, but they have integrated them selves in providing end to end business solutions to their clients, the solutions include consultancy, design, manufacturing, operations and maintenance services.

The Suzlon headquarters is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Some Facts about Suzlon Energy :

  • Suzlon is in a process of making Asia largest wind power station in Dhule Maharashtra, with production capacity of 1000MW.
  • They have operations in 21 countries, spreaded over 6 continents.
  • They are the fifth largest supplier of wind turbines, with 10.5% of global market share.
  • The company reported a 67% of consolidated turnover at Rs. 3169.76(Cr.) for financial year 07.
  • The company is serving the top notch both national and internation clients, the list includes, biggies like DLF, ONGC, Reliance Energy.. etc.

Brief Overview of Financial Results of Suzlon:

  • Annual Turnover : Rs 7,986(Cr.)
  • Net Profit : Rs 864(Cr.)
  • Net Worth : Rs 3,511(Cr.)
  • Earning Per Share(EPS) : Rs 30.0

For detailed Financial Results click on the below link :

Suzlon in FY 08 :
Suzlon has reported a strong order book (excluding the order from its subsidiary Hansen and RePower) position of Rs 18,000 (Cr.) plus, both from its national and international clients. The company surpassed industry average growth of 20- 25%, with a growth prospect of 71%. The growth is based on due to strong order book for 08, and some positive vibrations from its clients base.

Suzlon Stock :

Why Suzlon ?
The demand of environment friendly and renewable source of energy is increasing day by day, as we move further, every national govt. will certainly give a thought in promoting the natural source of energy, be it solar energy or wind energy, as they are less polluting and poses less damage to Global warming.

Based on the type of business the Suzlon is in , I really think that the company has really good future prospect and will really give good returns to Investors.

Call On Suzlon Energy :
Based on the company growth prospects, I recommend a Buy and hold of this stock for atleast couple of years. It will definitely give good returns to Investors.

Company and its subsidiary link :

Mohit Kumar

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Microfinance Commerce !!

In any country, poor is always considered a backward clan ignored by everybody in the society. But things are now changing, now big corporate houses start reliasing the potential of this poorest clan and how economic they can be in achieving their financial target. There are corporates which are targetting these people as potential buyers of their goods, but their are some Corporates , NGO and MFC which are empowering these poor to uplift themselves from poverty, these institutions are referred as Microfinance Institutions.

Nobel laureate, Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen bank who empowered millions of poor bangladeshis, most of them women, by giving them smaller loans, the loan amount may ran into billions. According to his philosophy, poor people are less susceptible defaulters and pay their loans on time. Though he started his institute as social venture, but it resulted in a very successful business venture.

Another important figure in Microfinance is Vikram Akula, founder of SKS MicroFinance, he left high posh job in america and landed in India to micorfinance impoverished people in India.

Micofinance not only provide a platform for poor but it also create small enterprenuers. Though Microfinance is coined keeping social aspect rather than a capitalist aspect, but a really turned out to be money spinners for banks. Now no banks can ignore these important sect, there are coming and coming in big way to tap these potential customers.

Mohit Kumar

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sub-Prime Dragon...

Pick-up any financial newspaper, the Sub-Prime word seems to be filling complete newspaper space. In layman term, Sub-Prime can be defined as a scenario where lender lend money to a less credit worthy borrower , at much higher interest rates.

According to recent survey by IMF, the total toil of sub-prime crisis is may be more than 1trillion$. The sub-prime crisis not only affected the mortgage sector, but now also affecting the other banking verticals.

But now the question arises, what so called Risk Professional, associated with different banks, were doing when these losses where made. Or were there mouth shut by big bosses of the so called large international banks.

From my opinion Sub-Prime name or tag is used just to hide some of the corrupt practices carried by banks official in order to hide losses, hidden from yearly balance sheets, incurred by banks during many years of their operation.

So balance sheet data of the banks , both affected and not so affected, should be properly scrutinized and audited by some so called audited firms in order to get some proper view of the Sub-Prime dragon. Also this audited report may provide some hints , and punish, all those who are responsible for this financial damage.

Mohit Kumar