Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oppurtunities amongst Swine Flu

Today, I saw a blog presented by BusinessPundit, the blog covered the sectors or industries, which will benefit from the recent Swine Flu in mexico city (http://www.businesspundit.com/5-companies-industries-benefiting-from-the-swine-flu/).

But apart from the industries listed in BusinessPundit blog, there are certainly few more industries and sector which will benefit from Swine Flu?

1. Research Industry

2. Vegetable Farming

3. Vegi Restaurants

4. NGOs

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Social Networks are here to stay..

Virtualisation is the new buzzword for the coming economic phenomenon. Not only machines wanted to be virtualised, its the human which also wants to be virtualised.

The tremendous growth of Social Networking sites and the Second life are the initial steps which provide human to live life virtually, and connect to different people spread across geographies.

The Web is already filled with plenty of Social Networking sites, like Facebook, Orkut, now a new name is added to that humongous list call as Ning. Ning is a platform which enables a social networker to start it own Social Networking site within itself, thus forming a Social Networks of Networks.

But the real question is how innovators can leverage this concept to different sectors, like Banking, Medicine. Though we have seen some steps where Social Networking is forming a part of Banking industry, but still its a long way to go for the full grasp. That's why I am saying, Social Networking is here to stay..


Monday, April 13, 2009

Satyam handover to TechMahindra

Once termed as the 4th largest IT company in India, the NASDAQ listed Satyam today finally loss its identity when TechMahindra, a M&M flagship company took controlling stake in Satyam, offered a 58per share, while the nearest bid was laid by Engineering giant L&T, which was Rs46 pershare.

Though TechMahindra won the initial battle of acquiring ailing Software giant, but the revival task will not be that easy.

1. First and foremost task is to improve its international image.

2. Rebuild confidence among its exisiting clients.

3. Retain exisiting talent, and to attract talent from outside.

4. How to get rid of list of liabilities as soon as possible, and make the company operations profitable.

5. How to make best use of its assets so as to reduce operational cost ?

Lets see how Mr. Anand Mahindra and his team will clear up the mess created my the legendary B. Ramalinga Raju.



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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Germany up for a change..

Germany one of the europe superpower both in terms of economic and defence, is now up for a change, the change which its always shown relcutant to, but the change which is now necessary to compete against the emerging economies and to stabilize it economic power status.

Germany is always a bellweather in innovation and always a leader filing scientific patents on year on year basis. A good proportion of its economic GDP is spent on research and development centres spread across the country.

But inspite of all these, the change is there to come, and the first and foremost change is the change on the whole eductional system across the country. Germany always followed a long range bound educational system, with 5 years of diploma studies. But its now following the US and UK based educational system, thus breaking its educational system into 3years and 2 years respectively, which actually enables the deployment of educated workforce at very young age.

Besides, its renowned universties which never participate in any kind of rankings are now acitvely participating in the ranking, thus enabling a large pool of international talent pool to look out germany as one of their favourable education option.

Lets see how this change will affect the Germany overall stature in the years to come.

Thanks & Regards,
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Beware a shoe is coming your way...

Nowever days politicians are no more concern about the opposition allegations, but somehow they are concern about the size of shoe wear by different personnel attending their meetings.

The first show throwing activity started in Baghdad, when one journlist threw his shoe at then standing U.S. president, Gerorge Bush. But shoe throwing activity did not end over there, but the wave travelled across Indian subcontinent, and over here also, Indians are facing some sort of ameicanization , I can call it as "Shoe Americanization" , and this time Home Minister P.Chidambaram and industrialist and current M.P. Navin Jindal faced the brunt of personnel attending their political proceedings.But this activity may pose "shoe-stopper" in political mileage. 
But amidst all this shoe throwing activity atleast one industry will certainly come out of recession pretty fast.