Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recession proof industries

Year 2008 is one of the hardest year, it saw one of the biggest fall in the baking and financial industry, and also the biggest failure of Capital markets worldwide. This is the year when global economy felt its biggest recession, which it hadn't seen in decades.

But when the world is grieving under global recession, I want to list down few industry which are purely recession free.

1. Sex Industry : When people lose their jobs, they are more stressful, and sex its always a stress buster. Thus, sex industry is certainly is recession free.

2. Liquor Industry. Just like, Sex industry , Liquor generally helps people to forget their stress for a time being. So, this industry is also recession proof.

3. Pharma Industry : People are more depressed, so they are either ill or they have to take anti depressant drugs. So, during recession pharma industry certainly boom.

4. Media Industry : Media industry certainly have more news during recession time. They have to cover up govt. policies, they have to take interview of Corporate CEO and also of the deprieved layoff workers. Thus, certainly have more work during recession.

5. Govt. Financial Ministry : Offcourse, how can financial industry can be recession, as they during this time, they have an upheaval task to improve financial system and to bring stability in the market.


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bharti Back to Clinch MTN

It seems that MTN, SA telecom giant is meant to be acquired by an Indian. The whole MTN drama started from last year, first it was India's largest Telecom player, by revenue, Bharti Airtel shown interest in MTN but the deal was finally broken. But things did not end in between, the next offer came of RDAG group MD, Mr. Anil Ambani. But even that effort did not yield positive result, and was broken in between.

But finally after the election in the home country, Bharti again sensed oppurtunity to inlcude MTN into its kitty, and to fullfil its global ambitions plan. Bharti has brought in bankers from Stanchart bank to make the deal and to arrange the money for the deal.

The 23 bn $ worth deal will see both companies, going for both equity sharing and cash dealing. In the end Bharti will shell out 4 bn$ to buy 49% stake in MTN, while MTN like to acquire 36% in Indian telco.

Though just like last time, the deal is facing stiff resistance from shareholders in SA and Bharti has also take in account how things formulate from local telecom perspective, also the power sharing among the top management of current MTN and Bharti.


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Task ahead for Singh is King, MS

Finally, a month long election is over in India, but this time Congress single handedly outperfromed every political party in India. But this time the task will be much difficult for the Manmohan singh and the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Because, this time its not only a revival of domestic Indian economy but also whole world is looking up at India, and its forthcoming business ploicies.

The upheaval tasks ahead of Singh is King are :
1. Infrastructure Development.
2. Agriculture Reform.
3. Internal and External Security.
4. Talks with Pakistan, and its other neighbour.
5. Disinvestment.
6. FDI policies.
7. Social reforms.
8. Higher Education.
9. Financial Industry Reforms,
10. Capital Market Transparency.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Sarcastic statements

I was going through one of the recent post at knowlege at wharton, and was just going through the comments given by some of the reader of the post.The comments was really very sarcastic and really one of the best sarcastic comments I every came across.

Find below the sarcastic comments by the reader :

1. How Drug Dealers Can Find the Best Spots to Recruit New High School Customers
2. Double Hours, Halve Salaries: Solution for the Crisis without Job Cuts
3. Key Success Factors for Pimps in Latin America: Power, Network and Location
4. Save The Arms Industry: Boosting Demand by Catalyzing Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
5. The 10 Best Barely Legal Tricks to Avoid Taxes: Advice from S&P 500 CFOs
6. Make Money By Collecting Money: Best Practices from Bernard Madoff

If you like to read about the post, you can follow below link.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama ostentious tax saving plan

Barack Obama finally completed his 100 days as US president, apart from making high profile visit to 20 G nations meeting in London, Obama administration did come up with an over ostentious plan of increasing country tax revenue.

In one of his speech, President Obama clearly directed his administration to end tax breaks for American Companies which are outsourcing their work to low cost countries like China, India , Philipines etc. According to Obama this will really help them to increase treasury revenue and also able to increase employment rate in the country Though its really a very ostentious plan by obama to increase tax revenue but will it really help him to meet the goal.

First of nowever days most of the operations of these companies are highly integerated and dependent on each other, so it will be very suprising how these companies will disintegrate their operations and what will the cost of disintegration and who will finally bear it.

Most of these firm operate across the globe and work 24/7 365 days, so at any point of time they have to take help from the people who operate from low cost labour countries like India and China.

Most of the companies which moved their operations to India and China made that decision not only because of tax breaks but because they are able to tap large pool of skilled labour at potentially less cost.

So it may be possible that Obama may able to fullfill his promise but the real question is the operation and economic viability of the companies

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Should we believe to analyst words ?

Analyst are the root or foundation of any sector or business esp. in the banking and finacial industry. Analyst often made some over ambitious predictions and make people to ponder on their analysis. Recent task which worldwide analysts are now taking in is the analysis over the impact of Swine Flu on world economy. Analyst are predicting that if Swine Flu is really a pandemic as marked by WHO, then they can estimate that world economy may shrink by another 2-3 trillion$. But from my point of its a very presumptuous prediction, and things will not be as bad as predicted.

Mohit Kumar

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cola on wheels

Corporate lessons are now coming out from boardrooms to the roads, and the first company which shown initiative educating common retailers across India is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola call this as a global initiative of educating 10 of millions of small kirana holders in the India and its also a promise they want to fullfil.

They call this program as parivartan(change) and it educate small retailers spread across nook and corner of the counrty. The education curriculm of parivartan includes shop layout, basic of financing, importance of discounts, and how and where to display your products?
This initative will certainly put Coca-Cola an edge ahead its major Cola rival Pepsi,

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