Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strategy to curb Apple iphone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G S made a senstational opening last week, kept all the smartphone makers at the bay. But the blog post will not talk about Apple iPhone senstational success, but it will talk about strategies which smartphone company will take over to curb Apple iPhone 3G S success.

1. People says that iPhone is not just a handy, but its something above that. So, mobile makers have to design their cell phones in such a manner so that people can relate it with each other. Easy navigation of cell phone features, multi touch facility.

2. Amalgamation of different features, like, music, video and games.

3. Company should try to make their mobile phones, from resusable and environment friendly material.

4. Company should try to make their cellphone scratch free and much more durable.

5. Just like, Apple iPhone, company should try to provide a free app store, where smartphone users can download different applications.

6. Instant of making proprietary product, company should provide utility where it can interact with different apps. offered by different mobile companies.

7. Cost is one factor where companies can really try hard, if they can provide a product which is comparable in quality as that of iPhone, but much more cost affective, then it can certainly have an edge over iPhone.


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Apple made a headstart with iPhone 3G S

Apple is always known for its staggering design and its outstanding products, it has once again shown its marvellous in design, when it launch Apple iPhone 3G S, a successor og already very successful product iPhone 3G.

Last week Apple launch its newes mobile phone iPhone 3G S in US and European markets, and as predicted, the launch was a runaway hit. According to, Apple sources, Apple iphone 3G S has already sold 1million unit across the globe.

In one of the interviews Apple mentor and CEO Steve Jobs said, "Customers are voting and Apple is winning. With over 50,000 applications available from Apple’s revolutionary App Store, iPhone momentum is stronger than ever.”

iPhone has really revolutionized the way people use smartphone. Lets see, what strategy Apple competitors will follow to counter Apple growing market share.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran Unrest-Bad for World Economy

Recently Iran went for a Presedential election, but unprecedented win by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad created a sudden unrest between the in the region. It leads to clashes between supporters of opposition party and the brutal force controlled by the current President.

But Iran current political unrest will certainly hurt the World economy. Iran is the third largest oil producer in the World and the unrest in the region might affect the oil supply from the region, which put pressure on other oil producing industries to increase the supply and thus result increase in the overall price of the oil, which is is certainly prove harmful to the world economy which is in recession.

Besides, the Iran unrest has already created pain in the neck of UK and USA. Ahmadinejad had clearly given signal to both the foreign economies that, Iran internal matters are their own and nobody's is allowed to interfere in there internal operations. This unrest relationship might proved fatal in the region, and might give US and UK a chance to call a war on Iran. One more war will certainly put World into a much greater recession.

Let's hope this matter be sorted as soon as possible.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama protectionist plans for US

There was a lot of hope among American people and people worldwide, when Obama took over as the 44th US president. As, he took incharge of the most powerful job in the World people were hoping they were relieve them.But, as soon as Obama took up the incharge, he laid out policies, which are totally protectionist in nature.

The first protectionist policies is curbing on outsourcing strategies, and taxing industries and companies which are still supporting offshoring and outsourcing policies.

Obama together with this administration team wants to unveil program which will keep eye on financial and capital markets and check on the financial products which are offered to Consumers.

But one thing Obama and his team should realise that World follow America because of its openess and its anti-protectionist trade policy,and the deep recession and high rate of unemployment exist in US just because of improper regulations of its Financial.

So, instead of making its economy protectionist, it should try to make it more regulated.

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