Monday, March 30, 2009

G20 Agenda : Rescue from Financial Crisis

G20 meeting is round the corner, but this year the G20 meeting would be quite different, as this time world's biggest 20 economies, meet in London to discuss about how to revive Global economy from the crisis.

Apart from financial revival, the World leaders of G2o countries may also discuss about pumping more money into their economy, so that they can revive consumer demand, and to suppress the rise in unemployment rate.

But the question on pumping new money into the global economy, has two different point of views, as US administration is keen into pumping more money into the global economy and to buy out bank's toxic assets, while on the other hands EU nations are reluctant to lend any helping hands to these banks.

What ever be the differences between the EU and US, but certainly, this times, they have to vibe off their differences, and come up with really strong solutions to revive the worldwide economy and to rejuvenate the employment level in the region.
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Women Products in time of recession

I was just going through one of the blog post put up by BusinessPundit, the blog was regarding how Companies are targeting Women, with every another day they are coming up with some other Women centric product.

But in that blog, the blogger only put examples of Product based companies, from McDonalds to PepsiCo, but they forget to mention about the service oriented companies, like Financial industry and IT industry, which also faced severe layoff in this time of recession.

But from my point of view, Financial Industry too can come up with Women Oriented products, especially for Mothers. They can come with product which are less risky, but if one is ready to invest in the long term then can provide sound confirmed returns.

Besides, generally Women lack sound financial knowledge, so Financial Industry can carry out some knowledge seminars to Women population in general, this will not only give them a base to understand financial nuances, but also help them to take wise decision to the product offer by the financial companies .

If somebody has any other idea about how Service oriented companies can target Women customers, then do pour your idea on this blog.

Thanks &Regards,
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

CEO's at recession..

Recently, Forbes magazine list out World's wealthiest CEO's, which apart from recession , where job cuts are prevailing world wide, but still these CEOs drawing multi million paychecks in their accounts. So is the CEO salary justified ? Experts say, global economy is in turmoil because these high rank CEOs of big banks and corporations did not play their part as expected from them, and they let their employee leverage their positions in the toxic assets. So with these analysis, these CEOs did not command such hefty pay pacakages. Besides, when their fellow companions are under depression of losing their jobs, by very next second, how can these CEOs still enjoy multi million paychecks, and get them listed in forbes Wealthies list.

But, this time they should set up an example among their distress employees, by voluntering a pay cut, as done by Vikram Pandit , CEO Citigroup and Baba Kalyani, Chairman Bharat Forge.
Besides, they should look out for oppurtunties to expand their business, involve their employees in gathering ideas, which in turns result in improving employee motivation level and thus over all utilization. This is the time to follow the saying, Practice what you preach.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Drama..

Few months ago, American Insurance giant , American International Group (AIG) was in news due to huge losses they have posted in FY 08 and investments in the toxic assets which led to one of major financial crisis in the banking history. At that time, US govt. and treasury came in to the scene with their multi billion dollar rescue plan. The US treasury lend somewhat around 178bn$ to the insurance giant to prevent another major bank failure just like failure of Lehman Brothers.

But this is not the reason, that AIG is in news, they are in news beacause of their so called obligations to pay multi-million dollar bonuses to their employees. This act of AIG received huge outrage from every sector, even President Obama told his counsellors to seek for a legal way to prevent disbursement of bonuses, which is nothing but the money of taxpayers, to the same employees which are responsible for such a financial condition of AIG.

But some of the financial analysis on wall street are saying that AIG is staying with its obligation, because they want to keep their employees, because they want these employees to clean up all the mess created by them.

But whatever reason AIG give to justify their move, they are not in any position to handover money, they received from US treasury to be distributed as bonuses. Instead, they should look out for soultion to improve their market position and once this is done, they can reward their employees for much hefty bonus, but surely not this time.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bidders identified for Satyam..

At last Indian Govt. and its new formed Board, is now able to find suitable bidders for the beleaguered Satyam. Currently, there are 8 bidders from different businesses have shown interest in Satyam business and filed Expression of Interest(EOI) to the govt. The bidders include, IT behemoth like IBM and HP and while other firmd include L&T , Spice Telecom, which also shown interest in the company business.

Who ever win the Satyam bid, will certainly take over the board, but at the same time will face with an herculean task of resurrecting Satyam image both at a national and interantional arena, certainly among its clients, who are shifting their business with much stable IT organizations.


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