Sunday, August 16, 2009

Microsoft gears up with Yahoo, against Google

Microsoft never felt that a 10 year old company will pose a threat to their very existence, and will make them to run for their money. But California based, Search Engine company, Google made them to that, and really posing a big threat to Microsoft monoply.

Since, last year, Microsoft is vying their eye on Yahoo, to combat Google, but somehow the previous valuation did not end as expected. But last month Microsoft announced its partnership with Yahoo, under this partnership, Yahoo and Microsoft search engine, Bing will make their own branding, but Yahoo will use Bing as its internal platform to give search results to consumers. At the same time, Microsoft will pay Yahoo 88% of the revenue it gains from the Yahoo sites.

Though, to some analyst it seems to be very bold move, both from the Microsoft and Yahoo, to take over Search giant, but certainly it will be very difficult to compete with Google in this space, as it already enjoy 67% of all kind of internet search. To move Google from its Search king position will certainly be difficult for the new partners.

Lets wait to see, how this partnership work and how this competition will bring benefit to consumers.

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National Health Service (NHS), Obama dream project

When Barack Obama, took over as the 44th President of United States of America, apart from reviving the Global economy of one of the deep recession they have seen in decades, he also had a dream project, National Health Service(or NHS) which enables free health insurance to everybody in America.

In recent times, Obama is greatly criticized by the opposition which came strongly against this free insurance service to all Americans. They complained that this socialistic behavior will do bad, and not good to already reeling American economy and will certainly hurt the tax payers, as the tax burden will certainly rise on the Tax payers.

I totally agree with the opposition party comments, as there is really no need to provide a free health insurance, they should try to make their economy so strong that every citizen can take care of their health insurance, rather than offering them in free. As its oftenly said, that in life nothing is a free cake. Mr. Obama, should consider this saying, and make every one earn for his/her living.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

62nd India's Independence, Challenges ahead.

India's has travelled a lot ahead, when it gained independence in 1947, from Bristish rule, today India celeberate its 62nd India Independence. From being called as Third world country, or country of Slumdog country, it has made a transformational change and now its among the league of top 20 nations in the World, and possible superpower and fifth largest economy by next decade.
But this figures will certainly be an uphill task for any nation, and in order to achieve these goal its has to change.

Changes which is expected to make India a great nation :
1. Education : Even after 62 years, 40% of India's population is uneducated, this population size is equivalent to population of whole of europe.So, in order to achieve a superpower status, India has to work on its Education programmes.

2. Internal Peace : Before pointing fingures on the troubled neighbour first, India has to maintain first Internal peace, try to resolve issues of North-eastern states, and remove anti-regional activists who are divinding India.

3. Entreprenurship : India should encourage entreprenurship, which certainly helps to people to think out of boxn and enable them to take risk. This also enables them to create employment also.

4. Good ties with Neighbours : India and its neighbours spend a huge amount of money in building weapons, they should sit together and discuss about how to maintain peace in the region. An EU kind of model if implemented in the Asia region, will certainly benefit everybody in the region.

5. Population Control : Though most of the analyst nowever days are saying that India's youth population is really beneficial for the world growth, yeah that is true, but certainly one thing is also true that this population also consume a considerable amount of resources. India really have to put a curb on its population.

I hope this changes will certainly enable India to achieve a great success in the years ahead, and achieve the vision as state by India's ex president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

"A developed India by 2020, or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up - and succeed." - A P J Abdul Kalam.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

H1NI grips India

H1N1, popularly known as "Swine flu", grips its eye now on India, especially in Pune. In recent days, 1000 of Swine flu cases are registered in Maharashtra, and arounf 17 odd deaths in few days, with most of them reporting from Pune itself.

The impact of Swine flu with certainly have a negative affect on the Indian economy, which in itself is dealing with number of problems, both natural(drought) and man made(Terrorism). But certainly swine flu will have worse affect on Indian economy.

The sectors which will be affected by Swine flu are :
1. Tourism sector.
2. IT sector.
3. Hospitality sector.
4. Import and Export.
5. Airline.
6. Entertainment.

Though govt. is taking appropriate steps to control spreading the epidemic, or a pandemic as stated by WHO, but still the effort is not enough, the govt. should spread as much awareness as possible to citizens, so that things can be averted before its spread through out the country.

Thanks &Regards,
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