Sunday, August 16, 2009

Microsoft gears up with Yahoo, against Google

Microsoft never felt that a 10 year old company will pose a threat to their very existence, and will make them to run for their money. But California based, Search Engine company, Google made them to that, and really posing a big threat to Microsoft monoply.

Since, last year, Microsoft is vying their eye on Yahoo, to combat Google, but somehow the previous valuation did not end as expected. But last month Microsoft announced its partnership with Yahoo, under this partnership, Yahoo and Microsoft search engine, Bing will make their own branding, but Yahoo will use Bing as its internal platform to give search results to consumers. At the same time, Microsoft will pay Yahoo 88% of the revenue it gains from the Yahoo sites.

Though, to some analyst it seems to be very bold move, both from the Microsoft and Yahoo, to take over Search giant, but certainly it will be very difficult to compete with Google in this space, as it already enjoy 67% of all kind of internet search. To move Google from its Search king position will certainly be difficult for the new partners.

Lets wait to see, how this partnership work and how this competition will bring benefit to consumers.

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