Sunday, August 16, 2009

National Health Service (NHS), Obama dream project

When Barack Obama, took over as the 44th President of United States of America, apart from reviving the Global economy of one of the deep recession they have seen in decades, he also had a dream project, National Health Service(or NHS) which enables free health insurance to everybody in America.

In recent times, Obama is greatly criticized by the opposition which came strongly against this free insurance service to all Americans. They complained that this socialistic behavior will do bad, and not good to already reeling American economy and will certainly hurt the tax payers, as the tax burden will certainly rise on the Tax payers.

I totally agree with the opposition party comments, as there is really no need to provide a free health insurance, they should try to make their economy so strong that every citizen can take care of their health insurance, rather than offering them in free. As its oftenly said, that in life nothing is a free cake. Mr. Obama, should consider this saying, and make every one earn for his/her living.

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