Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 'A' mericanization Effect !!

Last week, I was just taking a stroll at Bahnofstrasse,Zurich. I was literally shocked at looking sooo many people at the street, literally all shops were jam packed by customers, and I can bet that those were real customers and not the window shopping customer like me.

But for some time, I was just thinking why there were so many people, it not sale season and even the Christmas is couple of months, so why people are so crazy in doing shopping.
After scratching my head for couple of minutes, I saw couple of people dressed like ghosts and vampires, and I got my answer, it was a Halloween weekend.

The Halloween is certainly not the European culture and I am 100% sure its certainly not the Swiss culture, so certainly its The 'A'mericanization effect. Every store were with American products, from electronic, fragrances and forgot to mention the Halloween products.

Swiss is known for their secrecy , not Banking in general, but by nature they are quite reserve. But somehow the 'A'mericanization effect invade their secrecy and overcome their reserve nature. But the 'A'meticanization effect is every where, every where people just want to stuck the ipod's in their ear and just want to indulge into the 'A' effect without giving a thought.

I know some of the products or services offered by American businesses are world class, but that effect should be reserve till market place and between trade links. People should not blindly start following the customs and traditions which are not their own, and which only have a economic sense rather than some socio or religious sense.

Lets see how far this 'A'mericanization effect will last.

Thanks & Regards,