Sunday, November 15, 2009

Apple Carbon Footprint

Apple is always known for his environment friendly products, even in one of the Greenpeace forum, apple was praised for its environment friendly products, and how Apple is managing its Carbon footprint.

But from my opinion, this is partially correct. In order to support my argument, just check the Apple Store at Bahnofstrasse, Zurich on Sunday evening. You will be amazed to know that, every electronic and electrical equipment in the store is working 24 hrs. Such kind of electric usage on a sunday, is certainly not an environmental friendly step by Apple Inc.

So, from my opinion Apple should again re-look at its environment friendly strategies, so that it can try to reduce its Carbon footprint, and just like its admired for its innovative products, it should also be admired for its environment friendly strategies.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Business lessons from Lagaan

Lagaan, an Aamir khan production, was one of the most successful Bollywood movies of the start of the century. Apart from winning numerous accolades, and being India's official Oscar entry, it also teaches some important business lessons.

Lesson1 : Don't be afraid of challenges. Take the challenges in the full spirit, it will certainly give results which are way above expectations.

Lesson2 : In a group of people, one has to step forward to take up the leadership people, and should have the capability to convince people to take up the challenges.

Lesson3 : Never underestimate a people capability, even sometimes weakest of person, is capable of turning the table.

Lesson4 : Believe in your team, because success is not one man show, its due to contribution of each and every member of the team.

Lesson5 : Never under estimate your opponents.

Lesson6 : Keep a close vigil on the team activities, because sometimes, a small distract can ruin the success.

Lesson7 : Keep ample space to your team mates, so that they can come up with their best.

Lesson8 : Never lose hope, because this is the last thing which will certainly bring success.

Lesson9: Sometimes, Miracle do happen.ja

Lesson10 : Celebrate success with your team, as it will motivate the entire team, and help them to set future goals.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Microsoft gears up with Yahoo, against Google

Microsoft never felt that a 10 year old company will pose a threat to their very existence, and will make them to run for their money. But California based, Search Engine company, Google made them to that, and really posing a big threat to Microsoft monoply.

Since, last year, Microsoft is vying their eye on Yahoo, to combat Google, but somehow the previous valuation did not end as expected. But last month Microsoft announced its partnership with Yahoo, under this partnership, Yahoo and Microsoft search engine, Bing will make their own branding, but Yahoo will use Bing as its internal platform to give search results to consumers. At the same time, Microsoft will pay Yahoo 88% of the revenue it gains from the Yahoo sites.

Though, to some analyst it seems to be very bold move, both from the Microsoft and Yahoo, to take over Search giant, but certainly it will be very difficult to compete with Google in this space, as it already enjoy 67% of all kind of internet search. To move Google from its Search king position will certainly be difficult for the new partners.

Lets wait to see, how this partnership work and how this competition will bring benefit to consumers.

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National Health Service (NHS), Obama dream project

When Barack Obama, took over as the 44th President of United States of America, apart from reviving the Global economy of one of the deep recession they have seen in decades, he also had a dream project, National Health Service(or NHS) which enables free health insurance to everybody in America.

In recent times, Obama is greatly criticized by the opposition which came strongly against this free insurance service to all Americans. They complained that this socialistic behavior will do bad, and not good to already reeling American economy and will certainly hurt the tax payers, as the tax burden will certainly rise on the Tax payers.

I totally agree with the opposition party comments, as there is really no need to provide a free health insurance, they should try to make their economy so strong that every citizen can take care of their health insurance, rather than offering them in free. As its oftenly said, that in life nothing is a free cake. Mr. Obama, should consider this saying, and make every one earn for his/her living.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

62nd India's Independence, Challenges ahead.

India's has travelled a lot ahead, when it gained independence in 1947, from Bristish rule, today India celeberate its 62nd India Independence. From being called as Third world country, or country of Slumdog country, it has made a transformational change and now its among the league of top 20 nations in the World, and possible superpower and fifth largest economy by next decade.
But this figures will certainly be an uphill task for any nation, and in order to achieve these goal its has to change.

Changes which is expected to make India a great nation :
1. Education : Even after 62 years, 40% of India's population is uneducated, this population size is equivalent to population of whole of europe.So, in order to achieve a superpower status, India has to work on its Education programmes.

2. Internal Peace : Before pointing fingures on the troubled neighbour first, India has to maintain first Internal peace, try to resolve issues of North-eastern states, and remove anti-regional activists who are divinding India.

3. Entreprenurship : India should encourage entreprenurship, which certainly helps to people to think out of boxn and enable them to take risk. This also enables them to create employment also.

4. Good ties with Neighbours : India and its neighbours spend a huge amount of money in building weapons, they should sit together and discuss about how to maintain peace in the region. An EU kind of model if implemented in the Asia region, will certainly benefit everybody in the region.

5. Population Control : Though most of the analyst nowever days are saying that India's youth population is really beneficial for the world growth, yeah that is true, but certainly one thing is also true that this population also consume a considerable amount of resources. India really have to put a curb on its population.

I hope this changes will certainly enable India to achieve a great success in the years ahead, and achieve the vision as state by India's ex president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

"A developed India by 2020, or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up - and succeed." - A P J Abdul Kalam.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

H1NI grips India

H1N1, popularly known as "Swine flu", grips its eye now on India, especially in Pune. In recent days, 1000 of Swine flu cases are registered in Maharashtra, and arounf 17 odd deaths in few days, with most of them reporting from Pune itself.

The impact of Swine flu with certainly have a negative affect on the Indian economy, which in itself is dealing with number of problems, both natural(drought) and man made(Terrorism). But certainly swine flu will have worse affect on Indian economy.

The sectors which will be affected by Swine flu are :
1. Tourism sector.
2. IT sector.
3. Hospitality sector.
4. Import and Export.
5. Airline.
6. Entertainment.

Though govt. is taking appropriate steps to control spreading the epidemic, or a pandemic as stated by WHO, but still the effort is not enough, the govt. should spread as much awareness as possible to citizens, so that things can be averted before its spread through out the country.

Thanks &Regards,
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

India UUID program

Last month, Govt. of India roped in Infosys co-chairman Nandan Nilekani to head one of the most prestigious e-gov iniatives Unique Identification program. Under this program the unique id will be provided to every citizen of India.So, in order to run this program in a professional way, India's priminster request Mr. Nilekani to head this prestigious project. Mr. Nilekani without any doubt accepted the offer and step down as the co-chairman of Infosys.

But though India's prime minster Dr Manmohan Singh tried to make this program bureaucratic free, by giving Mr. Nilekani a rank of a Cabinet minister. But this project in itself comes with lot of chalenges. The chalenges which I can identify are :

1. Data collection : India has a population of more than 1 Billion people, spread in rural and urban areas of India, though demographic data is maintained but its never consistent.

2. Data maintenance : Nilekani team has to think how data consistency can be maintained. What will happen when a person is born, when he/she is dead, when somebody submit his/her citizenship, when somebody takes a new Indian Citizenship, what happen in case of dual citizenship? Though there are some dept. who still handle this data, but there are no dept. for other stuff.

3. Forgery : If you have "Juggad", then any thing can be possible in India, from passport, driving license, fake documents anything, so this is the top most uphill task which Nilekani and his team has to take in and how this Jugaad technology can be avoided in this national level presitgious project.

4. Secuirty : Once the data is ready, then this data will be shared to different govt. dept.,but how the govt. can ensure the data security.

Though there are many other challenges which certainly will be coming in the way of Mr. Nilekani when he finally come out with his draft version for this project.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Indian rail budget is out.

UPA government after winning the General elections with full majority, presented the first railways budget by the current Indian railway minister Mamta Banerjee. According, to Mamta ji, its a budget for the aam aadmi.

The major action items of this budget are :

1. Launch of "ijjat card" at the cost of Rs 25, so that poor people can travel upto 100 km without any hassels.

2. Launch of special double decker AC trains to meet the YUVA generation requirements .

3. Proposal to set up 50 World Class railway stations, which are fully equipped shopping malls, high level of cleanliness and security.

4. Making Tatkal service cheaper and less time consuming.

5. No, change in the passenger and freight charges.

But I think and other people like me certainly think that, how these plans will be implemented. And will Railways ministry provide the same level of revenue margins as during the reign of Mr. Lalu Yadav. How railways ministry can ensure passenger safety and provide sanitation facilities to its passengers.

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Air India debacle

Air India, India's official airline carrier is certainly in a doom state. Last month, it stopped salry of its employees. But the real question is why Air India is a state of debacle, while other Airlinw players in Indian airspace, though not making that much profit, but still performing far better ter than the Indian national carrier.

The reason for a debacle can be :

1. Air India system is surrounded by n numbers of bureaucrat, which are running this organization as a social enterprise rather than a capitalist enterprise.

2. Even in its dismissal economic position, Air India top management still enjoy the free passes not for them but for their entire family. Thus making this institution a debt ridden instituion.

3. Air India, still don't follow any strategic tie ups with other International airlines, thus making them aloof in their business. Look at the other national carrier like Luftansa and Emirates, bith both the carriers are making fablous business.

4. Air India employ more no. of employee per aircraft then any of the airline carrier in the country, which in turn sucking its profits.

I think Air India should bring in top professional to its board, who can try to revive this failing organization.

Mohit Kumar

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strategy to curb Apple iphone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G S made a senstational opening last week, kept all the smartphone makers at the bay. But the blog post will not talk about Apple iPhone senstational success, but it will talk about strategies which smartphone company will take over to curb Apple iPhone 3G S success.

1. People says that iPhone is not just a handy, but its something above that. So, mobile makers have to design their cell phones in such a manner so that people can relate it with each other. Easy navigation of cell phone features, multi touch facility.

2. Amalgamation of different features, like, music, video and games.

3. Company should try to make their mobile phones, from resusable and environment friendly material.

4. Company should try to make their cellphone scratch free and much more durable.

5. Just like, Apple iPhone, company should try to provide a free app store, where smartphone users can download different applications.

6. Instant of making proprietary product, company should provide utility where it can interact with different apps. offered by different mobile companies.

7. Cost is one factor where companies can really try hard, if they can provide a product which is comparable in quality as that of iPhone, but much more cost affective, then it can certainly have an edge over iPhone.


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Apple made a headstart with iPhone 3G S

Apple is always known for its staggering design and its outstanding products, it has once again shown its marvellous in design, when it launch Apple iPhone 3G S, a successor og already very successful product iPhone 3G.

Last week Apple launch its newes mobile phone iPhone 3G S in US and European markets, and as predicted, the launch was a runaway hit. According to, Apple sources, Apple iphone 3G S has already sold 1million unit across the globe.

In one of the interviews Apple mentor and CEO Steve Jobs said, "Customers are voting and Apple is winning. With over 50,000 applications available from Apple’s revolutionary App Store, iPhone momentum is stronger than ever.”

iPhone has really revolutionized the way people use smartphone. Lets see, what strategy Apple competitors will follow to counter Apple growing market share.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran Unrest-Bad for World Economy

Recently Iran went for a Presedential election, but unprecedented win by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad created a sudden unrest between the in the region. It leads to clashes between supporters of opposition party and the brutal force controlled by the current President.

But Iran current political unrest will certainly hurt the World economy. Iran is the third largest oil producer in the World and the unrest in the region might affect the oil supply from the region, which put pressure on other oil producing industries to increase the supply and thus result increase in the overall price of the oil, which is is certainly prove harmful to the world economy which is in recession.

Besides, the Iran unrest has already created pain in the neck of UK and USA. Ahmadinejad had clearly given signal to both the foreign economies that, Iran internal matters are their own and nobody's is allowed to interfere in there internal operations. This unrest relationship might proved fatal in the region, and might give US and UK a chance to call a war on Iran. One more war will certainly put World into a much greater recession.

Let's hope this matter be sorted as soon as possible.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama protectionist plans for US

There was a lot of hope among American people and people worldwide, when Obama took over as the 44th US president. As, he took incharge of the most powerful job in the World people were hoping they were relieve them.But, as soon as Obama took up the incharge, he laid out policies, which are totally protectionist in nature.

The first protectionist policies is curbing on outsourcing strategies, and taxing industries and companies which are still supporting offshoring and outsourcing policies.

Obama together with this administration team wants to unveil program which will keep eye on financial and capital markets and check on the financial products which are offered to Consumers.

But one thing Obama and his team should realise that World follow America because of its openess and its anti-protectionist trade policy,and the deep recession and high rate of unemployment exist in US just because of improper regulations of its Financial.

So, instead of making its economy protectionist, it should try to make it more regulated.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recession proof industries

Year 2008 is one of the hardest year, it saw one of the biggest fall in the baking and financial industry, and also the biggest failure of Capital markets worldwide. This is the year when global economy felt its biggest recession, which it hadn't seen in decades.

But when the world is grieving under global recession, I want to list down few industry which are purely recession free.

1. Sex Industry : When people lose their jobs, they are more stressful, and sex its always a stress buster. Thus, sex industry is certainly is recession free.

2. Liquor Industry. Just like, Sex industry , Liquor generally helps people to forget their stress for a time being. So, this industry is also recession proof.

3. Pharma Industry : People are more depressed, so they are either ill or they have to take anti depressant drugs. So, during recession pharma industry certainly boom.

4. Media Industry : Media industry certainly have more news during recession time. They have to cover up govt. policies, they have to take interview of Corporate CEO and also of the deprieved layoff workers. Thus, certainly have more work during recession.

5. Govt. Financial Ministry : Offcourse, how can financial industry can be recession, as they during this time, they have an upheaval task to improve financial system and to bring stability in the market.


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bharti Back to Clinch MTN

It seems that MTN, SA telecom giant is meant to be acquired by an Indian. The whole MTN drama started from last year, first it was India's largest Telecom player, by revenue, Bharti Airtel shown interest in MTN but the deal was finally broken. But things did not end in between, the next offer came of RDAG group MD, Mr. Anil Ambani. But even that effort did not yield positive result, and was broken in between.

But finally after the election in the home country, Bharti again sensed oppurtunity to inlcude MTN into its kitty, and to fullfil its global ambitions plan. Bharti has brought in bankers from Stanchart bank to make the deal and to arrange the money for the deal.

The 23 bn $ worth deal will see both companies, going for both equity sharing and cash dealing. In the end Bharti will shell out 4 bn$ to buy 49% stake in MTN, while MTN like to acquire 36% in Indian telco.

Though just like last time, the deal is facing stiff resistance from shareholders in SA and Bharti has also take in account how things formulate from local telecom perspective, also the power sharing among the top management of current MTN and Bharti.


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Task ahead for Singh is King, MS

Finally, a month long election is over in India, but this time Congress single handedly outperfromed every political party in India. But this time the task will be much difficult for the Manmohan singh and the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Because, this time its not only a revival of domestic Indian economy but also whole world is looking up at India, and its forthcoming business ploicies.

The upheaval tasks ahead of Singh is King are :
1. Infrastructure Development.
2. Agriculture Reform.
3. Internal and External Security.
4. Talks with Pakistan, and its other neighbour.
5. Disinvestment.
6. FDI policies.
7. Social reforms.
8. Higher Education.
9. Financial Industry Reforms,
10. Capital Market Transparency.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Sarcastic statements

I was going through one of the recent post at knowlege at wharton, and was just going through the comments given by some of the reader of the post.The comments was really very sarcastic and really one of the best sarcastic comments I every came across.

Find below the sarcastic comments by the reader :

1. How Drug Dealers Can Find the Best Spots to Recruit New High School Customers
2. Double Hours, Halve Salaries: Solution for the Crisis without Job Cuts
3. Key Success Factors for Pimps in Latin America: Power, Network and Location
4. Save The Arms Industry: Boosting Demand by Catalyzing Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
5. The 10 Best Barely Legal Tricks to Avoid Taxes: Advice from S&P 500 CFOs
6. Make Money By Collecting Money: Best Practices from Bernard Madoff

If you like to read about the post, you can follow below link.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama ostentious tax saving plan

Barack Obama finally completed his 100 days as US president, apart from making high profile visit to 20 G nations meeting in London, Obama administration did come up with an over ostentious plan of increasing country tax revenue.

In one of his speech, President Obama clearly directed his administration to end tax breaks for American Companies which are outsourcing their work to low cost countries like China, India , Philipines etc. According to Obama this will really help them to increase treasury revenue and also able to increase employment rate in the country Though its really a very ostentious plan by obama to increase tax revenue but will it really help him to meet the goal.

First of nowever days most of the operations of these companies are highly integerated and dependent on each other, so it will be very suprising how these companies will disintegrate their operations and what will the cost of disintegration and who will finally bear it.

Most of these firm operate across the globe and work 24/7 365 days, so at any point of time they have to take help from the people who operate from low cost labour countries like India and China.

Most of the companies which moved their operations to India and China made that decision not only because of tax breaks but because they are able to tap large pool of skilled labour at potentially less cost.

So it may be possible that Obama may able to fullfill his promise but the real question is the operation and economic viability of the companies

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Should we believe to analyst words ?

Analyst are the root or foundation of any sector or business esp. in the banking and finacial industry. Analyst often made some over ambitious predictions and make people to ponder on their analysis. Recent task which worldwide analysts are now taking in is the analysis over the impact of Swine Flu on world economy. Analyst are predicting that if Swine Flu is really a pandemic as marked by WHO, then they can estimate that world economy may shrink by another 2-3 trillion$. But from my point of its a very presumptuous prediction, and things will not be as bad as predicted.

Mohit Kumar

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cola on wheels

Corporate lessons are now coming out from boardrooms to the roads, and the first company which shown initiative educating common retailers across India is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola call this as a global initiative of educating 10 of millions of small kirana holders in the India and its also a promise they want to fullfil.

They call this program as parivartan(change) and it educate small retailers spread across nook and corner of the counrty. The education curriculm of parivartan includes shop layout, basic of financing, importance of discounts, and how and where to display your products?
This initative will certainly put Coca-Cola an edge ahead its major Cola rival Pepsi,

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oppurtunities amongst Swine Flu

Today, I saw a blog presented by BusinessPundit, the blog covered the sectors or industries, which will benefit from the recent Swine Flu in mexico city (

But apart from the industries listed in BusinessPundit blog, there are certainly few more industries and sector which will benefit from Swine Flu?

1. Research Industry

2. Vegetable Farming

3. Vegi Restaurants

4. NGOs

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Social Networks are here to stay..

Virtualisation is the new buzzword for the coming economic phenomenon. Not only machines wanted to be virtualised, its the human which also wants to be virtualised.

The tremendous growth of Social Networking sites and the Second life are the initial steps which provide human to live life virtually, and connect to different people spread across geographies.

The Web is already filled with plenty of Social Networking sites, like Facebook, Orkut, now a new name is added to that humongous list call as Ning. Ning is a platform which enables a social networker to start it own Social Networking site within itself, thus forming a Social Networks of Networks.

But the real question is how innovators can leverage this concept to different sectors, like Banking, Medicine. Though we have seen some steps where Social Networking is forming a part of Banking industry, but still its a long way to go for the full grasp. That's why I am saying, Social Networking is here to stay..


Monday, April 13, 2009

Satyam handover to TechMahindra

Once termed as the 4th largest IT company in India, the NASDAQ listed Satyam today finally loss its identity when TechMahindra, a M&M flagship company took controlling stake in Satyam, offered a 58per share, while the nearest bid was laid by Engineering giant L&T, which was Rs46 pershare.

Though TechMahindra won the initial battle of acquiring ailing Software giant, but the revival task will not be that easy.

1. First and foremost task is to improve its international image.

2. Rebuild confidence among its exisiting clients.

3. Retain exisiting talent, and to attract talent from outside.

4. How to get rid of list of liabilities as soon as possible, and make the company operations profitable.

5. How to make best use of its assets so as to reduce operational cost ?

Lets see how Mr. Anand Mahindra and his team will clear up the mess created my the legendary B. Ramalinga Raju.


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Germany up for a change..

Germany one of the europe superpower both in terms of economic and defence, is now up for a change, the change which its always shown relcutant to, but the change which is now necessary to compete against the emerging economies and to stabilize it economic power status.

Germany is always a bellweather in innovation and always a leader filing scientific patents on year on year basis. A good proportion of its economic GDP is spent on research and development centres spread across the country.

But inspite of all these, the change is there to come, and the first and foremost change is the change on the whole eductional system across the country. Germany always followed a long range bound educational system, with 5 years of diploma studies. But its now following the US and UK based educational system, thus breaking its educational system into 3years and 2 years respectively, which actually enables the deployment of educated workforce at very young age.

Besides, its renowned universties which never participate in any kind of rankings are now acitvely participating in the ranking, thus enabling a large pool of international talent pool to look out germany as one of their favourable education option.

Lets see how this change will affect the Germany overall stature in the years to come.

Thanks & Regards,
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Beware a shoe is coming your way...

Nowever days politicians are no more concern about the opposition allegations, but somehow they are concern about the size of shoe wear by different personnel attending their meetings.

The first show throwing activity started in Baghdad, when one journlist threw his shoe at then standing U.S. president, Gerorge Bush. But shoe throwing activity did not end over there, but the wave travelled across Indian subcontinent, and over here also, Indians are facing some sort of ameicanization , I can call it as "Shoe Americanization" , and this time Home Minister P.Chidambaram and industrialist and current M.P. Navin Jindal faced the brunt of personnel attending their political proceedings.But this activity may pose "shoe-stopper" in political mileage. 
But amidst all this shoe throwing activity atleast one industry will certainly come out of recession pretty fast.

Monday, March 30, 2009

G20 Agenda : Rescue from Financial Crisis

G20 meeting is round the corner, but this year the G20 meeting would be quite different, as this time world's biggest 20 economies, meet in London to discuss about how to revive Global economy from the crisis.

Apart from financial revival, the World leaders of G2o countries may also discuss about pumping more money into their economy, so that they can revive consumer demand, and to suppress the rise in unemployment rate.

But the question on pumping new money into the global economy, has two different point of views, as US administration is keen into pumping more money into the global economy and to buy out bank's toxic assets, while on the other hands EU nations are reluctant to lend any helping hands to these banks.

What ever be the differences between the EU and US, but certainly, this times, they have to vibe off their differences, and come up with really strong solutions to revive the worldwide economy and to rejuvenate the employment level in the region.
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Women Products in time of recession

I was just going through one of the blog post put up by BusinessPundit, the blog was regarding how Companies are targeting Women, with every another day they are coming up with some other Women centric product.

But in that blog, the blogger only put examples of Product based companies, from McDonalds to PepsiCo, but they forget to mention about the service oriented companies, like Financial industry and IT industry, which also faced severe layoff in this time of recession.

But from my point of view, Financial Industry too can come up with Women Oriented products, especially for Mothers. They can come with product which are less risky, but if one is ready to invest in the long term then can provide sound confirmed returns.

Besides, generally Women lack sound financial knowledge, so Financial Industry can carry out some knowledge seminars to Women population in general, this will not only give them a base to understand financial nuances, but also help them to take wise decision to the product offer by the financial companies .

If somebody has any other idea about how Service oriented companies can target Women customers, then do pour your idea on this blog.

Thanks &Regards,
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

CEO's at recession..

Recently, Forbes magazine list out World's wealthiest CEO's, which apart from recession , where job cuts are prevailing world wide, but still these CEOs drawing multi million paychecks in their accounts. So is the CEO salary justified ? Experts say, global economy is in turmoil because these high rank CEOs of big banks and corporations did not play their part as expected from them, and they let their employee leverage their positions in the toxic assets. So with these analysis, these CEOs did not command such hefty pay pacakages. Besides, when their fellow companions are under depression of losing their jobs, by very next second, how can these CEOs still enjoy multi million paychecks, and get them listed in forbes Wealthies list.

But, this time they should set up an example among their distress employees, by voluntering a pay cut, as done by Vikram Pandit , CEO Citigroup and Baba Kalyani, Chairman Bharat Forge.
Besides, they should look out for oppurtunties to expand their business, involve their employees in gathering ideas, which in turns result in improving employee motivation level and thus over all utilization. This is the time to follow the saying, Practice what you preach.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Drama..

Few months ago, American Insurance giant , American International Group (AIG) was in news due to huge losses they have posted in FY 08 and investments in the toxic assets which led to one of major financial crisis in the banking history. At that time, US govt. and treasury came in to the scene with their multi billion dollar rescue plan. The US treasury lend somewhat around 178bn$ to the insurance giant to prevent another major bank failure just like failure of Lehman Brothers.

But this is not the reason, that AIG is in news, they are in news beacause of their so called obligations to pay multi-million dollar bonuses to their employees. This act of AIG received huge outrage from every sector, even President Obama told his counsellors to seek for a legal way to prevent disbursement of bonuses, which is nothing but the money of taxpayers, to the same employees which are responsible for such a financial condition of AIG.

But some of the financial analysis on wall street are saying that AIG is staying with its obligation, because they want to keep their employees, because they want these employees to clean up all the mess created by them.

But whatever reason AIG give to justify their move, they are not in any position to handover money, they received from US treasury to be distributed as bonuses. Instead, they should look out for soultion to improve their market position and once this is done, they can reward their employees for much hefty bonus, but surely not this time.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bidders identified for Satyam..

At last Indian Govt. and its new formed Board, is now able to find suitable bidders for the beleaguered Satyam. Currently, there are 8 bidders from different businesses have shown interest in Satyam business and filed Expression of Interest(EOI) to the govt. The bidders include, IT behemoth like IBM and HP and while other firmd include L&T , Spice Telecom, which also shown interest in the company business.

Who ever win the Satyam bid, will certainly take over the board, but at the same time will face with an herculean task of resurrecting Satyam image both at a national and interantional arena, certainly among its clients, who are shifting their business with much stable IT organizations.


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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Awards Ceremony... Another event recession free...

It seems that I totally involved in finding sectors, events, people which are not affected by any kind of recession or depression in the economy. this is my third post in recent time which is related to recession. Today, I am targeting to different award ceremony. The question is why do we need different award ceremonies to honor the same set of films? Does not the pompous expenditure on these award ceremony a total wastage of money. When every govt., across the world, are looking for measure to curtail recession fear or take measures to revive the recessionary economy, these award ceremony clearly shows no recession, which is an irony in itself.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is Sport recession proof?

When every Industry across are feeling the pinch of global recession, and asking government intervention to rescue them from the global recession. But among all these industries there is one industry or sector which is still posing high level growth and that sector is Sports. So can we say Sport is recession free?

There are many instances which clearly shows that this sector experiencing huge growth, one such instance is the Friday IPL auction. Apart from glamor showcasing , IPL did invite huge money from the team owners. The highest bid was gone for English Captain Kevin Peterson and Andrew Flintoff. Both, English players went for 1.55Mn$(app.. Rs 7.5 Crorers).

When Royal Challenger owner, Vijay Malaya, was questioned about the price money which he paid for English Captain. He clearly mentioned that inclusion of Kevin really help to build his team brand equity.

IPL is one such instance where Indian corporates shown their prowess and money power to buy a player, other instance are the England league matches, Grand Slam titles NFL matches etc.

These matches generally observe huge audience and over above some matches do demand black tickets by the audience. Such behavior clearly shows that really Sport is recession free?

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Impact of Recession on World Wealthy..

Today ITV1, an English channel, was showcasing a show on life at Monaco.On the show, the anchor Piers Morgan, interviewed number of people, in one of the interview the anchor posted a question to , he asked that how would have recession change the life style of Wealthiest ? When I heard this question I was really amused by the question, from my opinion the recession or no recession the wealthiest of wealthy hardly change their life style, they buy all kind of luxury goods, spent their vacations in the grandeur of places. Because these people have enough money which can last for ages, so by spending their money, they really make the better utilization of their stupendous money.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Check your Carbon Footprint

People usually buy things by looking at the good quality and whether the good is economical or not. But, now they have to focus on other aspect also, how eco friendly that good is, and if its an e-good then how will that good be disposed and recycled.

Recent study of Greeenpeace, an environment NGO, shows that most of the companies failed miserably when it comes for e-disposal management. These multinational companies are still usuing hazardous chemicals in manufacturing their goods, which are really difficult to dispose after it expired.

Most of these e-waste is routed to third world countries like India etc. where these good are recycled with poorest of technologies which led to high level of pollution and land fills.

Though some companies do have started e-waste handling campaign but it is still negligible compared to consumption and disposal.

Some figures from Greenpeace :

1 NOKIA: Creative take-back scheme
2 SONY ERICSSON: New environmental warranty
3 TOSHIBA: Reporting use of renewable energy
4 SAMSUNG: Good on toxic chem, poor recycling
5 FUJITSU SIEMENS: Good on energy, poor e-waste
6 LG – Improved score on recycling & energy
7 MOTOROLA: Improved on energy & recycling
8 SONY: Has room for improvement on energy
9 PANASONIC: Good energy, poor e-waste criteria
10 SHARP: Reporting of energy efficiency of products weak
11 ACER – To improve on cutting toxicity & recycling
12 DELL – Loses on withdrawing from its commitment to eliminate PVC plastic & BFRs by ‘09 end
13 HP: Still needs to improve on e-waste
14 APPLE: Now reporting product carbon footprint , new iPods are free of PVC and BFRs
15 PHILIPS: Scores well on toxics and energy but scores zero on other e-waste criteria
16 LENOVO: Scores well on toxic chemicals, poor on recycling & energy
17 MICROSOFT: Poor score on recycling & energy 18
NINTENDO: Zero on most criteria except chemicals mgmt & energy
Source: Greenpeace

So before you think of buying a good, apart from economical viability, do check the Carbon Footprint.

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