Wednesday, August 12, 2009

H1NI grips India

H1N1, popularly known as "Swine flu", grips its eye now on India, especially in Pune. In recent days, 1000 of Swine flu cases are registered in Maharashtra, and arounf 17 odd deaths in few days, with most of them reporting from Pune itself.

The impact of Swine flu with certainly have a negative affect on the Indian economy, which in itself is dealing with number of problems, both natural(drought) and man made(Terrorism). But certainly swine flu will have worse affect on Indian economy.

The sectors which will be affected by Swine flu are :
1. Tourism sector.
2. IT sector.
3. Hospitality sector.
4. Import and Export.
5. Airline.
6. Entertainment.

Though govt. is taking appropriate steps to control spreading the epidemic, or a pandemic as stated by WHO, but still the effort is not enough, the govt. should spread as much awareness as possible to citizens, so that things can be averted before its spread through out the country.

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